Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I'm a Lucky Mummy!

Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK. 

My son gave me this very apt card (seeing as he's a chef).

He also gave me this lovely book which I've had a flick through but have yet to look at properly (I want to save it for when I have a decent chunk of time).  I have a feeling his girlfriend had a hand in choosing it, but I'm not complaining : -)

My daughter came to spend the day and had dinner with us, bringing this gorgeous bunch of flowers and a card.  I trimmed the stems to fit my vase but was unable to trim the butterfly.  I think it looks good hovering over the blooms.  I might stick it in the garden when the flowers have gone.

It was lovely spending the day relaxing with DD while DS spent the day cooking lunch for lots of other people's mothers, as usual.  DD made me laugh when she tried to explain where a certain farm, that she'd visited as part of her pet business, was located.  She said it wasn't the old-fashioned, muddy farm but the modern one on the other side of the road where the cows milk themselves!!!  Apparently she'd gone there when in college to see their fancy state-of-the-art milking system where the cows just walk in and everything else is automated.

 Later in the day I ignored the housework (as a treat to myself for Mothering Sunday) and got on with some sewing. 

Zipped purses Numbers 2 & 3 were finished. With number 2 having a cockerel on the front and a pig on the back (or vice versa depending on how you look at it!!)

I hope you all had a wonderful day on Sunday whether it was Mothering Sunday where you are or not.

Progress since last time:

Knitted cowl - a few more rows completed after finding my cable needle.
7 Zipped Purses - 2 more finished (4 to go)

Planning to:

Finish cowl
Quilt another block from my Quilt-as-you-go-quilt (remember that?)
Finish the rest of the purses
Make a bag for lady in work who gave me losts of material.

Bye for now
Teresa x

Friday, 16 March 2012

What I Did on My Skiing Holiday!

The Viking Hotel, Morzine, The Alps, France.
 1. Stayed at this hotel.

Long shot of the hotel - it's the dark blob on the left at the top of the ski lift.
2. Had 2 nose bleeds!  (A combination of a slight cold and the altitude methinks)

The day it snowed.
3. Got stuck in a cable car with a couple of dozen other people (like sardines - unable to move to even scratch our noses), at night, a couple of hundred feet up a mountain for 15 loooong minutes!

View from our balcony.
4.  Walked quite a bit. On snow and road.  Spent a couple of hours, one day, unsuccessfully searching for a frozen lake.  I followed the signs to Le Lac but once I reached a sign indicating 'danger of falling rocks for next 10km' decided to turn back.

5. Managed to get a bit of knitting done.  Forgot my cable needle (improvised with an opened-up paperclip) and should have taken more yarn.

6. Read 2 books and drank a little Vin Chaud.

7. Enjoyed the views and the sunny days.

The one thing I did NOT do was SKI!  Tried it once - didn't like it!!!

Progress since last time:

Started another knitted cowl while away.  Can't find my cable needle at home now either so may have to get another before any progress can be made.

Bye for now
Teresa x