Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Blankets and Bunting!

Hubby and I are recently back from lovely week in Cornwall; specifically, Charlestown. This is the third time we've been to Cornwall, and the second time we've stayed in Charlestown. It's a great base for exploring the area. I'm glad we revisited the Lost Gardens of Heligan because the amazing new Poppy Field of Remembrance was in full bloom.

We were having a lovely time right up until the Thursday..............when hubby managed to catch a 12hr bug (or a touch of food poisoning) and I fell (into the road, in front of a car)! Luckily the car wasn't going very fast, but it stopped with a dramatic screech making everyone in the vicinity turn to look. The result was a skinned right knee with ripped trousers, and a lovely big bruise on my left knee. We had only just stepped out of our accommodation because I was determined to get an ice cream from just down the street. I still made sure I got my ice cream, though, before we went back to dress my wound. 

In crafty news, I finished this wavy design baby quilt before the holiday and started the next one (below) ready to take with me.

I always take a craft project on holiday but rarely get a chance to do any of it. This time I managed quite a bit. I also picked up a pretty bundle of pink fabrics and a couple of doilies at a wonderful craft/vintage emporium in Mavagissey. I've already used the doilies to decorate a baby quilt, which I'll show next time.

The stitching group I go to on a Monday evening seems to have ground to a halt. Nobody seems to have the time to go, and as we meet in a pub no one wants to walk in if they think no one else is coming. Before it fizzled out we were knitting bunting for decorating our village fun day. I've put mine together and will get it to the fun day committee soon. As for the stitching group - I hope it's just a blip and it gets going again. I still go to my Tuesday afternoon group, and it's going strong. We meet in the local scout hall and average around 8+ members per week. We're in the process of arranging a meal out together and we're going to continue right through August, when most groups have a break.

I'm waiting for a customer to come and pick up this order of bunting that she requested for a party in August.
There are three strands of 10 flags each here, to decorate a marquee entrance.

I had a stall booked at a craft fair this week that was cancelled, but I've got a few more booked later this year. So I'm going to be optimistic that they will be successful and try to make plenty of stock.

First, I have to finish:
the stripy, crocheted blanket above (lots of ends to sew in!)
2 quilts that need quilting and binding
another baby quilt - that I haven't started yet.

Bye for now
Teresa x