Saturday, 13 June 2015

Random Round-up!

 I've was lucky, recently, to have the chance to buy a selection of fabric sample books from an ex-interior designer.  I had a good rummage and came home with 5 full books and a pile of larger samples - all for £30.
She had about 140 fabric books in her garage so it wasn't easy to choose just a few.

The fabrics are perfect for bags and purses. The boxy bags above are my first projects with the samples.

I had a couple of round cushion pads taking up valuable space in my shed. This one now has a crocheted cover, complete with zip, and is ready for my stall.

I saw a triangular shaped purse somewhere on the web recently and had to have a go to see how it was made. I think I've got it out of my system for now!

In non-crafty news, son and girlfriend have moved into his new house. It's not quite finished yet but they couldn't wait. It's lucky they can still pop over the road for showers and internet connection. I had visions of them moving in one weekend, with us all traipsing across the road with all his belonging until it was done. No such luck. We still  have all his belongings, too. I'm sure it will go eventually, but it'll be a much slower job than I thought.

Bye for now
Teresa x