Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Handwork and 2014 Challenge (January)!

I put my sewing machine away for Christmas so we could eat at the kitchen table, and it hasn't been back out since. Therefore, any crafting I've been doing over the last couple of weeks has been hand sewn.

These two round purses are from a pattern in Craftseller magazine. The original purpose of the design was to be used as an ear-phone case but these could have any number of  uses from coin purse to travel jewellery case (any other ideas welcome). And they count towards my Challenge to make use of my books and magazines.

I made the felt by hot-washing woollen jumpers. You get quite varied results doing this, meaning that the pink felt above is much thicker than the grey below. I'm glad I made the pink one first because it was quite a struggle to attach to the zip. Incidentally, the zips come from the pockets of some jogging trousers of my son's.

The grey purse had it's own challenges. I'm finding I need my glasses more and more when I'm doing close work, and sewing dark colours like this is the worst. I lost my 'best' pair of glasses recently (bought from the local post office for a few pounds) so bought a new pair. I couldn't find the same magnification I used before so got the next stage up - and boy did I need them. When I.....ahem......found the old pair, I compared them and was astounded at the difference.

Finally,  I got around to cutting up the pile of t-shirts I'd sorted from my clothes, into yarn. Added to what I already have, there should be enough to make something now.

Bye for now
Teresa x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bad News and Good News!

Bad News:  My auntie (who's house is attached to ours) was burgled last week, while we were sitting next door. It was late afternoon and she was out for less than an hour! Not much was taken but the house was a mess.

Good News: I joined a newly-formed stitching group just before Christmas, and we made it into the local paper this week as a result of our collaboration with the Church to help raise funds towards their 'Raise the Roof' Campaign. I'm sitting down, far left.

Good News: It's not much longer now until J's wedding. It seemed such a long time in the future when we started making arrangements. It's been amazing how much work J has put into the organisation, and I have helped where I can......

..... but as J and A are the experts on the venue it's mostly fallen on them.  I don't know if any of my previous mentions gave away the wedding location but the close-up of the invitation should make it clearer. J made the invitations herself, completely from scratch (I know because I asked if she bought the base card - It was that good!).

Bad News: The back boiler 'went' on our wood burner recently and we had to get a new one.
Good News: It could have 'gone' while we were away on holiday the week before and ruined the carpet and floor as well, but we were at home and able to catch the water as it emptied out (Bad News: It was 7.15 am!)

Bye for now
Teresa x