Monday, 30 November 2015


There have been a lot more knitted stitches produced here at A Time for Stitching, recently, than sewn stitches. But they were mainly for plain beanie hats, so didn't make for interesting photos.

However, I still have pics of other sewn projects that I haven't shown you yet.

I designed a new handbag pattern a few weeks ago. It can be adapted so that each one is unique. I was pleased with how these turned out and, although they didn't sell, they had lots of positive comments, and I've had a request for one in a different colour.

I sold a baby quilt earlier this year and the lady who bought it tracked me down via a mutual friend in order to request another one. She wanted to give a quilt to a friend who had admired hers. So, I made it in double quick time and it has already gone to its new home. I am more productive when I have a deadline!

Our church is having a Christmas Tree Exhibition this December, as part of the ongoing campaign to raise money for a new roof. My craft group is having a tree at the event, and the obvious theme is handmade decorations. I made these 3 out of wooden curtain rings, which I crocheted around then added felt and wool features. My ladies group is also having a tree, with a food theme. I've been drying orange slices and making Christmas trees out of cupcake cases, and plan to make some popcorn garlands nearer the time.

This is the item that restarted my yarn production. Do you remember these? A friend wanted me make this tea cosy for her friend. I've seen many, but never made one. Nor did I know how it was made. Here, I'm trying it on one of my tea pots for size.

A lot of what I've made recently has been as a result of requests. Back in August, I was asked for some lavender bags. I made 2 for that customer, then carried on and made many more sets of 2, using cotton fabrics and vintage hankies or doilys. I only have one set left now but still have lots of lavender to make more.

On the knitting front, I've made 3 beanie hats and a scarf, and now have on the needles a waistcoat for myself. The waistcoat must go on hold (again) now, though, because I have an order for a baby jacket to knit.

It keeps me out of mischief!

Bye for now
Teresa x

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


My goodness, it's been a long time since I posted. Let me know if there's anyone still out there! Just say hello.

I loaded these pictures a few weeks ago and a lot of what is here has already sold. The cat quilt has gone to the new great-grand-daughter of a lady from church, and half of the glasses cases were sold at various selling events that I've done.

I've had a stall at 4 or 5 events in the last couple of months, a couple of which were quite successful. I've also had independent requests to make things; like a couple more baby quilts, a knitted tea cosy and a phone case.

I have a couple more events booked this month and I'm trying to be more professional. The trouble is, I'm still too good at procrastinating.

And so, I'm off to get on with some knitting.
Bye for now
Teresa x