Wednesday, 28 January 2015


 I had requests to make a few things over the holidays.

First, I was asked to make a tea cosy.  Not something I've made before, but the customer gave me an old one as a template for size she wanted. I couldn't work out for a while how the lining was joined all the way around to the outer while obviously being made separately - but I sorted it out eventually.

 The request was for a signature colour of orange, and, as usual, I made 2 to give a choice. She chose the teapot one!

Something else I've not made before is a dog bandana. Daughter requested these for her 2 dogs and, at her suggestion, they are made to be slid over the dog's collar as opposed to tying on.

Last, and something I have made before, was a request for a lavender heart to add to a bag of goodies as a gift.

I treated myself to this book last week after no success in dropping hints before Christmas.

One good result over the holidays, though, was the re-siting of my shed at the back of the house. Unfortunately, I haven't been near it (or a sewing machine, knitting needle or book) for well over a week after succumbing to a dose of the flu that has knocked me for six. I think I'm on the home straight with it now, and managed to type some invoices for a client today. Luckily, I've not been needed at work since she moved house, because they still have no internet to receive orders.

Bye for now
Teresa x

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Old News!

Hello all!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I didn't intend to be away for so long know how it is; things happen; time passes, and all of a sudden it's 2015.

I loaded these photos a couple of weeks before Christmas, and then couldn't seem to find time to add any words.

This is my son's house in what was our garden. Things have progressed since this pic and the house now has a roof and windows, and is partially blocked up on the outside.

The first patchwork cushion I made for myself had come to the end of it's life so I made myself a new one over the holidays. A tried and tested, simple design of squares which I am always drawn to.

It's been a bit more difficult to craft because of all my materials being scattered in and around the house but I had a few requests that I managed to get finished, including this lavender heart.

There's good news on my Shed front, though, because OH has re-erected it and it's almost ready for me to start refilling.

Bye for now
Teresa x