Monday, 11 February 2013

It's Started!

Two very important events have started.  First, very welcome signs of spring are appearing in the garden and countryside;  daffodils are emerging, snowdrops flowering and roses budding.  After a summer of dull, wet, dreary days followed by more of the same (only colder) in autumn and winter, we're more than ready for some decent sunshine - so here's hoping!

The second (and just as important) event that has started (meaning that the first item on DD's wedding list can be ticked off) is that  The Dress Has Been Bought!!  I'm afraid you'll have to wait for at least a year to catch a glimpse of it, but there's a little clue on DD's nail art as to what it's like.

We bought the dress when two of her 'bridesmaids' came to stay with DD for the weekend for her birthday, and I took them all, plus DS's girlfriend, for a trying-on session.  We had a lovely afternoon and it was a fun way of getting to know her friends.

I managed to finish the place mats for her birthday in time to take too, including a little addition on one corner to cover a mistake that I didn't see until too late!

Progress since last time:

Place mats finished
Zipped purse for DS's girlfriend's birthday
A couple of hours on the x-stitch lighthouse
Few more tumbling blocks put together
Tag Square Bee quilt pinned together ready for quilting

Bye for now
Teresa x