Monday, 21 December 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree.........!

 Our church held a Christmas Tree Exhibition last weekend; another function in our Raise the Roof Campaign. It was such a success, it took the total amount raised so far to £30,000.

Here's a pic of the day before, with some trees ready and others in the process of being set up. I think there were close to 20 trees in total, all provided by various local groups and businesses.

All the trees were bigger than they look in these photos. Most of them at least 5 feet tall. This one is by my Craft Group, and is decorated with all our handmade decorations.

This one, by the Women's Institute, is very eye-catching, with it's snowmen, all knitted by their members. All visitors were asked to vote for their favourite tree, and this one came a close second.

Having decided on a food theme for our Ladies Group tree, I was stumped as to what to have on the top. I eventually thought of making a felt gingerbread man as an alternative to a fairy. I also dried orange slices and made popcorn 'tinsel' strings.

Other members of my group made decorations out of cinnamon sticks, cupcake cases and pasta, and made hanging biscuits or polystyrene ball 'Christmas puddings' wrapped in gingham. We then added candy canes and chocolates. I have to say, the overall effect was almost a Victorian look, and much better than I'd expected. We were delighted to get the most votes, as it seemed to have captured the Christmas spirit for a lot of people.

I already have an idea for our next tree, if they organise another Exhibition in a couple of years!

Bye for now
Teresa x