Sunday, 22 March 2015


Spring is well on its way! This wonderful spread of snowdrops was a lovely surprise in daughter and SIL's garden. Until they've been in their house a year, the garden will, hopefully, keep producing surprises.

Bag making has been the craft of the past few weeks. At the suggestion of a customer, I made a couple with zip fastening tops.

This one has already been sold! The pocket on the front is a new style for me. It has darts at the bottom for more fullness.

I'm really pleased with how this bag, above, came out. The coloured panels are patched pieces edged with bias binding. It was a bit of a fiddle to do but really finished it off well. It also has an internal zipped pocket (another new procedure for me). My mother wanted a bag for her music folder so I gave this one to her for Mothering Sunday.

Bag number 4 is almost finished - I think it's about time I made something different!

Bye for now
Teresa x