Friday, 13 November 2009

Slow But Sure / Kiddies Cross Stitch

Progress is slow around here but at least some is being made. One fingerless glove is complete, apart from darning in ends, and another is on the needles. Apparently, having the right side of the knitting on the inside is not the correct method as I found out after consultation with an experienced knitter! I tried doing the thumb the 'correct' way and got in such a tangle with the needles, so I think I'll stick to my left-handed, 'wrong' way.

I came across these little (about 2" across) cross-stitch motifs in my son's bedroom the other day. He and my DD were into cross-stitch for a little while when they were younger (pre-teen I think), especially my DS, but from the look of these the interest wore off quite suddenly. The letter N and the dog's face look finished but the bottom one, which is I think a turtle on a rock in a pool with a lily pad, is unfinished.

These 2 little framed cross-stitcheries were the first ones they did. The flower by my DD and the K by my DS (the K being his name initial, don't know what the N is for above though).

This is the progress of the table runner (I didn't tell you it was a table runner before did I?). The squares have been turned into triangles but they are still spread over the kitchen table. I would hope to get them together in one piece this weekend although (as usual) it's a very busy weekend which involves, amongst other things, a Sing Hallelujah practice and a Witness performance.
Bye for now
Teresa x

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