Friday, 12 February 2010

Lunchtime at the Office

This is the view I have for 5-6 hours out of every working day! Not very inspiring is it? I do quite a bit of dreaming at this desk about what I could be doing if were at home - then at 5.30pm I drive home and try to fit it all into a few hours (which is quite impossible!). I don't share the office any more (hence the empty chair opposite) but I don't mind that - people pop in and out during the day and I don't sit here continually. There's a friendly atmosphere here (most of the time) and I'm not under any undue pressure so it could be worse! It will also be sad when the contract finishes as I probably won't see many of my colleagues again (some of whom I've worked with for 10 years).

We have no canteen here, just a small kitchen to prepare drinks, wash-up or heat food so all my lunches are eaten at this desk (I know....I know - the 'experts' say there are more germs on an average office desk than a toilet seat!!). But I'm still here to tell the tale so it can't be that bad...... and they're only my germs (except for the time my boss's nose dripped onto it - Yeurck!). 99 times out of 100 my lunches are brought in from home (probably more like 999 out of 1000 when I think about it) but today I went into town and bought a salad from a lovely little deli as a treat. I was going to get one before Christmas but didn't get around to it. This is how I eat my lunch. In front of a book propped open with my stapler. It's a much-looked-forward-to time of the day and the only regular time I get for reading.

I've had salads from this deli before and they are always delicious with lots of different flavours and ingredients. As I was eating this one, I tasted something a little like mustard in one of the sauces, then suddenly, I knew what people mean when they say 'it blew the top of my head off'. A strong feeling (something similar to PAIN) shot from my mouth behind my nose and eyes and out through the top of my head!!! It only lasted a couple of seconds but I couldn't have endured it for much longer. What on earth was it?!!! I have never eaten anything before that did that to me! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I must remember to ask next time I visit the deli...........but as it may not be for another 6 months, I might forget by then.
This weekend my OH is off to Cardiff to watch the rugby with some friends (not at the match but in a pub - apparently the atmosphere and excitement are increased with near proximity).
(This is a temporary break in blog-mission to say I think I must be an idiot. I've just noticed a tab at the top of the screen saying Edit Pages. How come I didn't notice it during previous browsing sessions? Has it been there all the time? Only last week I added a list at the bottom of the blog to list books I read during 2010 when I really wanted to add a new page for it!!)
Anyway - where was I. Oh yes...........I on the other hand, am going to Saturday Singers and a hair appointment on the weekend (chop it off?...........keep it long?...........chop it off?..........keep it long?..........Oh just a trim please). I also hope to get a bit of stitching done so I have something to show here (well not only to have something to show here - it's because I love, love, love to stitch!!)
Bye for now
Teresa x


Little Green Doll said...

Oh, but you have to investigate! What was it that made you feel that sth like pain!?? I cannot imagine anything! I didn't know there are more germs in an office desk than a toilet seat!! hahaha, I will think about it next time I eat something in mine! ;)

Erin said...

It sounds like you had a run-in with some horseradish - a very brief, intense, largely nasal pain? A lot of us live for that. :D It often comes in mustard, too.

Tracey said...

Maybe a bit of a Hallopino Pepper was lurking amongst the sauce? My hubby brought chilli pepper chicken from the chinese last night and that was way too hot for me .. blew my head off!

wayside wanderer said...

I liked seeing where you work. I think you get a lot done...reading, stitching and other things...especially considering you work. You inspire me to be more productive with my time. Can't imagine what you ate that was so spicy but I do hope you find out.

Oh...I just spotted your tabs at the top! I like them! I am not sure I could figure out how to do that. :)