Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Out and About

Where has the Springtime gone!!! For a couple of weeks we had mild, sunny days and the Winter seemed over and done with for another year. But it's back with a vengence with cold winds, dull skies and drenching rain. And the poor people in the North have heavy snow and blizzards to contend with again!!!

(This is the scene from the porch window a couple of weeks ago)
I've been quite tired this week following a busy weekend. After the book launch on Saturday (which was a wonderfully successful, well-attended, well-organised event) we went on to the local hotel and met up with a few friends that my OH had invited for birthday drinks for me (officially on Monday). We had a fun evening, and the fun continued the following evening with a meal out with the children at this hotel. And it's not over yet - the friends we were out with on Saturday, plus a few more, are coming to us for a Shed Warming Party on Good Friday. I'm really looking forward to it and hope the rain that started last night eases off a little by then. We'll have the wood-burner lit in the shed, and the gazebo up on the lawn for extra cover just in case. Then...............on Sunday evening we are going to one of the friends for a ski-holiday-video-viewing evening.

(The table at the end of our family meal. Taken by my DD by accident but I like it.)
All this partying and socialising has meant (and will mean), yet again (spoken with a big sigh!), that no stitching whatsoever has been done for about a week. The possible hour or two I could have had to stitch was taken up with ironing when my friend told me she couldn't do it this week.Grrrrr. I'll hopefully have some shed pics after the party to make up for it. It sometimes takes so long to get around to a project that I'm tired of it before even making a stitch. A few weeks ago I cut up some scraps of felted wool jumpers and laid them out randomly on the kitchen table with the aim of making a cushion. They are still there and I'm now fed up of looking at them (as are the rest of the family although they don't say anything any more!). I also cut out some squares for porch-seat-cushion no 2 and they are also lying there daring me to lose interest in them too!
( A couple of pics of the last stitching I did. Hand quilting a star block for my quilt-as-you-go quilt.)

I shouldn't complain because we're really lucky to have a great bunch of friends that all get on so well together, and I enjoy seeing them and spending time with family, but why-oh-why isn't there enough time to do it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye for now
Teresa x


Little Green Doll said...

Enjoy the party!! You will sure have time after it! Have a nice Easter time!!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

have a nice Good Friday !

AnyoneCanQuilt said...

I know exactly what you mean! I want to get caught up on my quilting, but by the time I have 'time' lately, I'm just too tired to get myself into my sewing room. I hope you get some sewing in soon! x

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

hi ,teresa:
thanks for your visit.