Sunday, 14 March 2010

Weekend Thrifting & A Room With a View

Well, you couldn't really call it a room exactly but, as my OH pointed out the other day, our porch has probably the best view from the house. It's funny how we didn't really notice it until it was framed by a window. I've taken quite a few photos of this view to show the changing seasons. More recently though, the imminent arrival of Spring (I hope!) has been producing some beautiful sunsets and as luck would have it, that is the direction the window faces.



I promised to show the items I picked up from the charity shops in Broadway on my weekend away, so here they are. I'm in complete admiration for bloggers who take photos of themselves since I attempted to take these pictures in my weekend accommodation. I apologise for the poor quality but the items are now firmly bunched up and creased at the bottom of the laundry basket.
This skirt is black and grey and has a lovely shimmery look that changes as it moves.
The top is from Next. I love anything embellished with buttons and this has three different ones at the front.
The gilet had the tag still attached so had never been worn! I've already made quite a bit of use of it while away and am sure it's going to be very useful. (The skirt and top were roughly £4.00 each and the gilet was £6.00, if you're interested)
Just a little explanation regarding the absence of any decent stitching or shed news around here lately. Progress is being made on both fronts but not enough to be worthy of mentioning or showing. The flooring is down in the shed and while I was away my OH also put up a shelf and got me a basket for my logs. I make sure I do a little stitching most days but sometimes it's only half an hour (and half an hour of hand quilting isn't very much, believe me!!) I even took some hexagons away with me (just in case) and managed to sew a few together.
Today has been a lovely, sunny Mothering Sunday. I went to a Community Church Service this morning and was given a beautiful primula plant donated by the local garden centre (this has become a bit of a local tradition over the years). In the afternoon my son came home from work (after cooking dinners for lots of other mothers at a local hotel) and my daughter came round with her partner. They gave me cards, Yankee Candles and flowers then stayed for tea (the muffins I made yesterday were gratefully sampled). My daughter and I then spent a couple of pleasant hours sorting out the remainder of her possessions that are left since she moved out. These things always take us longer than they should when we come across items that bring back memories.
Photos of Mothering Sunday goodies will appear shortly.
Bye for now
Teresa x


Peach Rainbow said...

I love your 'Seasons' photos.

wayside wanderer said...

Gorgeous sunset!!! I love your thrifty finds, too! I really like scoop necked tops like the one you bought. Your outfit is very flattering.

Lis said...

Great outfit, it's amazing what you can find in charity shops isn't it? Especially those things that have never even been worn - how do people do that? I picked up a sheepskin coat before we came away, 5 pounds...there's no pound sign on this Kiwi keyboard, just a $ !!