Monday, 10 May 2010

Tanks for the Memories!

I arrived home after work last Friday loaded up with the weeks grocery shopping to find this in my kitchen. My lovely DS making dinner for us - fresh pasta no less!! Being a chef (although he's studying Forestry in college now instead) he sometimes get the urge to cook.

It was lovely to sit down after putting away the shopping to a dinner cooked for us. Although, I did have a bit of clearing up to do in the kitchen (there was flour Everywhere!). I'm not complaining though. It would have been at least another hour until we had dinner if I'd had to make it.
Pasta with mushrooms and sweetcorn in a creamy sauce - yummy!! OH and DS had bacon and chicken in theirs too.
Saturday was (at last) the day of DS's Tank Driving Experience. I bought it for him for his 21st birthday last year and it's his birthday next week, so that's how long it's taken for him to have a free Saturday when the course was running.
In the photo above he's in the middle of the people sitting on the top.
You can't see him in this next photo because he's actually inside driving it!!

He also got to drive an armoured communication vehicle. Since we went to watch him set off in OH's Landrover, we were able to follow them across the fields and watch the whole thing. That was, after we'd been provided with bacon sarnies and coffee/tea/biscuits (and we weren't even paying to take part!). They were very accommodating to us spectators, explaining what was happening, answering all our questions and posing for photos. It was a memorable experience all in all (and it was very, very cold so I'm glad we had the Landrover to sit in).
The next day after I'd been to church we all went out for a meal with the same friends from the Shed Party. There were 14 of us altogether and we were celebrating Jill's birthday which is actually today. For a gift we clubbed together and bought a voucher card and I made a little something the night before to put it in.
Yes you did read that correctly! I actually made something from start to finish. I'll post about that next time.
Later in the evening I took a fruit cake I'd made and a couple of magazines and went to visit a friend who had just come out of hospital after a brain operation to try and cure her epilepsy. She's not had an easy life with one thing and the other but she's always pleased to see me, and she was looking very well, considering. I stayed for an hour and chatted then had to get back home to tackle a little of the ironing mountain. The lady who normally does it has been away for 10 days and is now stuck in Spain due to the little matter of an ash cloud!
Bye for now
Teresa x


Blueberry Heart said...

wow - fresh I am hungry - very!!
BH x

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

sorry about your friend.

have a nice day

Little Green Doll said...

mmmmm! Pasta looks so tasty!!! I wish I could cook something like this! ;)

Monica said...

yummy! my grandmother was always making pasta... even when she lived by herself... just for her..

(and I'd always wanted to drive a tank!!)

Peach Rainbow said...

I love home made pasta, looks yummy!
your lucky to have such a lovely son.