Monday, 23 August 2010

Lovely Books!

There's been a bit of book buying around here recently.  Mainly for presents.  I thought I may as well get them while I think about it in case I forget until it's too late to order them.

This Smallholder's Manual is for my DD's boyfriend who's birthday is in November.  He'd love to have his own place with a bit of land and is very experienced in working with animals.  I just hope this isn't too basic for him because I don't know too much about it. 
 This one is for my DS for Christmas.  He saw it while we were visiting The Lost Gardens of Heligan on holiday and showed an interest in it, so I said I'd get it for him.  While searching for this image I saw that there's also a blog associated with it (which coincidentally has The Woodland House in its reading list) so I'll tell him about that too.
 Any fan of Grand Designs on Channel 4 will have seen the episode featuring Ben Law and his woodland house.  We recently saw a follow-up episode which showed that he's now married with 2 children (and has extended the house accordingly) and they are all happily living an idyllic existence from the land. It reminded me that I was intending to get it  for my OH for Christmas.
 Finally, I have been looking out for A Thousand Splendid Suns in charity shops since I read The Kite Runner by the same author, and managed to find a copy a couple of weeks ago.  It's now on my 'to-read' pile.
No photos to show from the weekend I'm afraid and it was very similar to last week with heavy rain on the Saturday and better on Sunday.  However, the rain didn't spoil my enjoyment of a lovely, long, leisurely lunch out with a friend.  She's been busy setting up a new Life Coaching business so it was good to catch up and find out all about it.  Her flat is on the market and she's hoping to move back to our village, nearer to her parents, which will also make it easier to meet up.

Sunday included church in the morning and curtain sewing in the evening with a bit of housework in between.  I'll definitely get some pictures taken when they're done.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Joanne said...

Thank you for sharing your book titles, Teresa! I love getting ideas!

wayside wanderer said...

Lovely books, indeed! Wouldn't a tree house be fabulous? Can't wait to see your curtains!

gtlady said...

The Kite Runner is one of my favourite books too! Though I have just read 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak and I think its possibly the best book I've read, though I'm still in that after glow, I only finished it yesterday and I want to start it again!