Friday, 17 September 2010

Out and About!

Do you ever get times when you arrange things weeks in advance then find when the time arrives you've booked yourself up completely for a whole week!! The summer holidays are over and clubs and associations are meeting again after the break.  This week is going as follows: Monday - Choir practice, Tuesday - launch evening of friend's business, Wednesday - Singing lesson, Thursday - Ladies Group evening out, Friday - one of 3 Harvest services, Saturday - meal out for friend's birthday.  I should learn to turn things down now and then (but I enjoy them all!).  Reluctantly, however, I've decided not to go to the service on Friday.  I was going to miss the singing lesson but after I managed a top 'D' during the warm up last week the teacher persuaded me to go again, especially as it's his last lesson with us until November.

 Last Saturday (while the Relish was in the slow cooker!) OH and I popped along to Usk Show for a few hours in the afternoon for a relaxing stroll around the stalls and exhibits.  We were just in time to see the parade of vintage tractors.  I told OH he should get his tractors ready and enter them next year (he's got 2!!) so he could drive one around the show and me the other (I was only joking about me!!).
 The sun was shining down on all the animals in their pens who were enjoying some feed after a hard day parading.
 At various times we bumped into DD, DS, an uncle & aunt and various friends and being only 5 miles from our village this was inevitable.  It's such a social occasion and a friendly show with great atmosphere.
 As rabbits are DD's speciality I went into the Rabbit tent with her to explain all the different breeds to me.  Actually, I dragged her in for the second time because she'd already seen it once! I think this one is a Dutch but that's about all I can remember.  I would have liked to get some pictures of the entries in the craft competitions but they were all covered in polythene so it was difficult to see them, let alone photograph them.  I can understand the food being covered but not the craftwork.  I was surprised at the low number of entries in the patchwork and knitting sections but then again, I don't think to enter anything myself so I've no-one to blame.
 These 2 photos are from my friends business launch.  She put in a huge amount of preparation and was really exited to get going.  Unfortunately, the local papers (for what ever reason) didn't publish her advert and article about the event.  In the end there were just 14 friends and relatives in attendance in a beautiful room in a lovely hotel all set up and waiting for the chance to impress.  Well, we made the best use of an unfortunate situation as my friend used us as guinea pigs for her presentation with some useful feedback offered.  We're all set to do it again at a different venue in October.
Oh and I suppose I ought to mention that Wednesday was my 26th wedding anniversary.   OH and I are going away for a weekend soon so that will be time to slow down and celebrate.

Bye for now.
Teresa x


Lis said...

Happy anniversary, enjoy your weekend away when it comes.
It is interesting that my diary is often like yours, and then when something happens like me being ill last week it all has to go out of the window and things have to be prioritised. Nothing that was suppose to happen since last Wednesday has happened so far!
I think we should do the things we enjoy but if we find ourselves begrudging what we're doing then it's time to say "no". Make the most of life eh? You never know what's around the corner. Enough philosophising, just have fun!! And thank you for your hugs and good wishes, I'm on the mend.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, you have had a busy week! I really think watching a vintage tractor parade would be fun. And that brown bunny is really beautiful.

Happy anniversary to you! I hope you both have a wonderful time celebrating 26 years! Hugs from Texas...Leslie

Little Green Doll said...

Hi Teresa! I hope you had a wonderful wedding anniversary!!!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

hello ,my friend:
happy wedding aniversary !!!