Monday, 4 October 2010

One Day........................!

Our quilting club Open Day on Saturday was a great success.  Lots of friends and locals dropped in to see what we were up to and a few promised to come to our next meeting in November to see about joining the group.  Many of us worked on our quilting, some were demonstrating techniques, while others were serving refreshments or showing guests around. 
Members also brought completed works to display around the hall. 
This photo doesn't do justice to the colours so I took a closer one.

 As usual they are much better in real life.  I look forward to the day when I have a completed quilt that I can show to the group.  It won't be a patch on these but I don't mind - just to finish one would be enough.
 This is what I worked on during the day.  It doesn't look very different from the last time I blogged about it. But I assure you slow progress is being made. 
And finally here is my sample block for the Tag Square Bee to show the other members of the group the sort of colours I like for when they make a block for me.  I wanted to make it in browns, oranges and greens but seeing as these are my favourite colours I have used them all up! The Bee is now under way and for the month of October I am to make a block for Shannon from the USA who likes bold, graphic prints in browns and greens.  This is going to seriously challenge my limited stash and the design of my blocks is going to be limited by what I can find!  I've been checking out the photo stream and they've been making some beautiful blocks already - I need to pull my finger out and get going!!

Bye for now
Teresa x

Welcome to all the Bee members who've become followers - I'll be checking out your blogs soon too!! :-)


MelMel said...

Totally beautiful!
Such lovely work, they are pieces of artwork to be proud of....xxxx

wayside wanderer said...

Beautiful! So glad to hear your open day was a success. I love seeing all the quilts.

Debbie said...

The quilts are all beautiful!
And I can`t wait to see yours... Once finished!


Highland Monkey's said...

My new passion is quilts! They are all beautiful.