Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Results!

I've had fun taking part in Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway again this May.  I entered quite a few myself, (although not as many as last time, due to restricted time) as well as offering a prize.  I don't think I had any success though!  On the other hand, that was more than compensated for by the 33 lovely comments I had (and 4 new followers!!).  It seems that handmade items get far fewer entries than supplies because it comes down to whether readers need or even like the items.  So I was thrilled to get 33!

I think (hope) I replied to each one but please accept my apologies if you didn't get one.  One of the giveaways I entered had well over 500 entries but still managed to reply to me.  I wonder if she used some kind of mass reply-sending function!

Now, down to business:

I chose the winners using the usual on-line Random Number Generator and the first number chosen was 3.  Therefore, Helena from Thumbelena Dreams will be the recipient of the first brooch/corsage.  The RNG next chose number 4 which was Sharon (who doesn't seem to have a blog) who will receive the green brooch/corsage. Congratulations to you both!!  Please let me have your addresses (I've also emailed you with the news).

I searched for something to photograph to make this post a little more interesting to non-winners (hope you had more luck in other giveaways!).  All I have is this glimpse of something I'm currently working on as result of the wool felting fiasco (see last paragraph) I had a little while ago.  I've cut out pieces, blanket stitched edges and auditioned trimmings.  Who knows whether it will come out as I imagine it!  I don't even have a finished image in my mind - just a vague idea, not even a sketch!  Not a good way to go about it really!!  And all the time I have my half-square-triangle quilt at the back of the cupboard in the back of my mind calling me to get on with it.  It's not a very big quilt but it's the biggest I've tackled so I'm feeling a bit intimidated.  However, my new walking foot (for my sewing machine - for the benefit of non-quilters) is on its way so that should help! 

Bye for now
Teresa x

P.S. - DS's leg is healing well and he managed to pass his tree climbing certificate a few days later. Thank you for all your concern :-)

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Eryl said...

Just popped over from Linnhe's blog (Wee Mindings), to be nosey really. I love your brown felt and super neat stitches. And, also, the idea of auditioning trimmings!