Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dreadlock Holiday!

The local annual Music Festival is all over again for another year.  We came to take for granted the beautiful hot, sunny weather we had over the last 6 years and it was a bit of a shock that it wasn't a permanent feature!!  Despite the rain, the weekend was a great success with more events than ever.

Despite the drizzly Friday evening, when we sat under umberellas in the pub garden listening to a lively cover band, Saturday dawned bright and sunny.

OH and my friends at the Castle waiting for 10cc
It soon became cold and cloudy, though, as we headed up to the Castle car park to see 10cc, wrapped up to keep warm.  In typical British-weather-style, the sun came out and blazed during the first supporting act until we were all down to T-shirts. 

You didn't expect it to last did you?  We hoped it would, but were prepared for the worst because we actually believed the forecast (which proved correct)!!  The temperature must have dropped about 15 degrees but within an hour was back to its sunny brightness :-)  
Owen Money at the golf club on Saturday evening.
I'm glad we went to see Owen Money (even though it meant missing a lot of 10cc when they over-ran) because he was hilarious and we had a good laugh.  We were glued to our seats for another reason too - if anyone got up for anything, they were picked on like a shot.  DD's boyfriend went to get drinks and although he waited until Owen was halfway through a joke before coming back in, thinking he was safe, the joke was abandoned and Owen and his band sang a little ditty about him 'wearing a checked shirt' and 'looking like a prat'!!  It might sound rude, but actually it was very funny!

Due to the all-day rain on Sunday the usual Male Voice Choir concert was held in the church so we decided to do something different and went to see a young reggae band at The Beaufort. It was a shame there weren't more people to see them because they were great fun.  If it'd been sunny they would have been performing outside on the terrace and people would have been drawn in as they passed.  I can't tell you who they were because they were an amalgamation of bands that got together just for the festival and not as listed in the programme.

The last 2 years our group of friends has worn fancy dress on the Sunday evening, so all weekend people were asking us what we were dressing up as and wouldn't believe us when we said we weren't.  We did try to thing of something but as the concert was a Take That tribute band we couldn't think of anything suitable.  Maybe next year!!!

We took Monday off work to recover - toasted tea-cakes in the sun!!
Well that was supposed to be a post about the Music Festival and ended up being more about the weather.  That's the British for you!!!! But we have an excuse in that we have an awful lot of weather to talk about.

On a different note - As I haven't heard from the winner of my second brooch in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway I drew it again using a random number generator.  It chose 32 which is That Girl, who I will contact shortly.  

Bye for now
Teresa x


Linnhe Mara said...

Sounds like you had a great time , despite the weather!

I'm beginning to suspect that rain is synonymous with music festivals. Do you think it has something to do with vibrations of the instruments agitating the clouds? I'm sure there's a physics paper in there somewhere :o)

wayside wanderer said...

I am sure a British rain is more romantic than a Texas rain. Not sure why I think that, but surely it is true. Sounds like an enjoyable weekend and your breakfast looks yummy! Glad you got the day off to recover!

We have VBS this week and I need to go figure out how many grapes it takes to feed 70 kids. Seems rather daunting right now. :/

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Great mix:rain, castle,music,friends= funny day.
Have a wonderful time!!