Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bee and Garden News!

Due to the fact that one of the Tag Square Bee members seems to have left the group (cannot be contacted) Bellsjo has had to do a fair bit of rearranging to even things out.  She and a couple of other group members have stepped into the breach to make the missing blocks.  This is the block she made for me to fill in for March. I especially love the centre blackberry fabric which fits in perfectly with the Autumn vibe I'm looking for.

 Also, due to the rearranging this is the block I was meant to send out in June.  Luckily Nanabanana also wants bright colours so it's on its way to her for August.

 The produce in the garden is coming thick and fast at the moment.  Runner beans are filling the freezer and we have lots of beetroot, potoatoes, carrots, onioins, parsnips and apples ready for use. This is the first of our courgettes, which we (OH) haven't grown before but I'm sure we will again because they are so easy.  It's a perfect specimen with not a single blemish to spoil the shiny green skin.  We're also waiting eagerly for the tomatoes to ripen.

 The potatoes, however, are giving me the same problem as last year.  I don't know how long you cook yours for but would you expect them to look like this after 5 minutes?  Only once have they been just right.  I set the timer for 4 minutes, when it went off I finished peeling a couple of carrots, checked on them and this is the mess I found!
It only takes 30 seconds for them to go from just perfect to a pile of mush. I can't even give them less time because 30 seconds less and they are still hard in the middle.  It certainly is a challenge - but I'm determined to not let them get the better of me! 

OH and I are off on a jolly again this weekend.  This time we're going camping with 4 other couples, 3 teenage boys (not ours) and a dog (not ours either).  It's supposed to rain!!!

Bye for now
Teresa x

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wayside wanderer said...

I am not sure about the potatoes, but you produce looks great and I am jealous of your stocked fridge. Hope you have another fun weekend. Please send your rain to Texas.