Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The 'S' Word (and a bit of E)!

There are a couple of subjects that haven't come up here lately; namely singing and exercise.  It's because there hasn't been as much of either going on as there used to be! 

Newer readers may not know that I used to belong to a church choir, 2 singing groups (one group finished soon after the other one started) and take singing lessons. Now, I only belong to the church choir!  As I said, the one group finished; the other is on Saturday mornings (and I don't have time to commit to it at the moment) and my singing teacher moved away after becoming a Baptist Minister.  I still love to sing (in the car, in the shower, while walking up/down the road, in the pub, in church, in my office (quietly!)) and hope to join another group sometime, but for now I'll have to be satisfied with the above.  I'll tell you what though, I've certainly noticed a big difference since giving up the lessons.  My range has decreased and my singing doesn't 'flow' as easily.

The garden is in full production mode - these are courgettes no's 2, 3 & 4 and I counted at least 14 more on their way.

 There's been a little exercise going on in the background but not much. I won't let it decline to nothing but we haven't belonged to a gym for a few years now and don't go jogging outside anymore (only on our treadmill).  I make an effort to schedule 2 exercise sessions a week; one aerobic and one resistance/muscle toning, and on top of that, whenever it comes to mind, I do a little 'batwing' toning or crunches to target the most needy areas :-)

I found this when I got home from church after OH had been preparing veg from the garden for dinner and the freezer!

Another subject that doesn't come up here nearly enough for my liking is stitching!!!!  Considering that's what this blog is meant to be about, it's a pretty dismal effort.  I've decided, therefore, to mention it in every post.  I will include an update of any progress since the previous one, however small.  There may be photos (or there may not, because the small amount of progress may be negligable or embarrassing) and I'm hoping this will help me 'up my game' a bit (or a lot!).
Lovely, welcome fabric scraps from Ali in return for a book I sent her
Well, there's no better time to start than now, so here's the progress since last time I mentioned the S word:

Long term UFO cardigan - Finished knitting back and pocket linings, started one front
HST quilt - Sandwiched together and pinned ready for quilting
Quilt-as-you-go quilt - one more block quilted (17 done, 8 to go).

Tonight I'm off to my friend's Sunflower Club for women (with DD) which I'm looking forward to.  This months discussion is 'your favourite book'.  I'm taking 3!!! One has my favourite sentence, one my favourite chapter and the other IS my favourite book.  I'll try not to talk for too long because I know there are new members coming and our time is limited, but get get me started on books and...well..........!! 

Bye for now
Teresa x


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, 'oh, I've got some fabrics just like those..'! What a wally I am! We love to sing to but my kids wont let us - I would love to find a choir to join locally but haven't found anything..

Linnhe Mara said...

You have me intrigued now, you have to tell me which books you took along with you.
I'm trying to get back in to reading after a dry spell brought on by a reading group ( having to spend time reading books I didn't enjoy when there were so many others I couldn't find the time for put me off for a while) I started a creative writing class and the tutor has recommended reading to gain a better insight.
My singing is confined to my workroom, even local cats can't find me there :o)