Tuesday, 22 November 2011

You'll Never Guess What I've Been Up To!!

I missed posting last week due to lack of anything interesting to say or show.  Today, however........boy, have I got something to say!!!!

I finished tweaking and twiddling my Sudoku block and will definitely get it made into a cushion by next time. (No, that's not IT)

I'll keep it on our bed so it doesn't get dirty too quickly.  I don't think it will stand up to the treatment meeted out to the sofa cushions so it'll be better off out of the way. (This isn't IT either) 

I made this box at a day workshop a few years ago. It wasn't until I received the information about the Sudoku weekend course and looked into what might be involved, that I noticed the connection with this box.  Look again at the panel above and see if you can spot it.   (No, not this!)

Hip hip hooray. I've actually completely finished something for the first time in months.  The two pin-cushions are no longer flat.  They are stuffed, plumped and buttoned.  I know that you can barely bring yourself to believe it, and that it's a major achievement (for me), but that's not IT either!!


OH and I were lucky enough to attend the Welsh Premiere of this film on Monday, along with a couple of hundred other people including the author of the book the film was based on, some of the stars and many more of the production crew.  The star guest, however, was none other than HRH The Prince of Wales!!!

Since the book was set (and the film was made) in and around the area of Abergavenny, the Welsh Premiere was held there the day after the London Premiere.  We walked up the red carpet, listened to speeches, watched the film and attended a reception afterwards where wine and nibbles were in abundance and all the hotel staff were dressed in 40s outfits. HRH wasn't at the reception but the film people were and I was struck by how much younger and smaller (in height and girth) they were in real life.

Much of the filming took place on the country estate where OH works and his boss was kind enough to get the tickets for us and other estate employees.  The estate employees were also mentioned in the speeches and acknowledged in the film credits!

To be honest, OH wasn't keen on the film but I enjoyed it.  It's a very moody, atmospheric film with more silence and expression than dialogue.  The acting is superb and the story clever, with the Welsh countryside playing a major part.  Having read the book (of the same name) beforehand, I found nothing jarred with my imagination, although, when the film ended, I couldn't remember if that was how the book had finished. (I wrote this before reading the review linked above and was surprised to find similarities in them - though a little less eloquent in my case)

It was an opportunity not to be missed and, despite being a 'school night', we were detemined to make the most of it.  I still haven't caught up with my sleep but I'm sure I will soon and it was well worth it.

The Welsh theme included the little gift placed in each cinema seat's drink holder. There was a bottle of water (which I presume was from a Welsh source but didn't think to check) and a little box of 3 chocolates called Black Mountain Gold from a Crickhowell based chocolatiers .


I'm not going to spoil the mood, or depress myself or you, by listing my crafting accomplishments for this week.  Suffice to say that the above mentioned items are about all there was anyway.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Anonymous said...


For the film AND the patchwork.


Highland Monkey's said...

Your patchwork is lush. It looks like the cushion would have taken ages to make and I wouldn't want anybody leaning on it! Can't comment on the film as I've never heard of it! But glad you had a super time.

hausfrau said...

All that folding and stitching is amazing: clever you!

wayside wanderer said...

The movie sounds interesting...and chocolates, well, that doesn't hurt one bit.

Love that complicated looking Sudoku square! It is beautiful!!!! And I spy that center block that looks a lot like your box. =D

Little Green Doll said...

Wow!! What a beautiful Square pillow!! It seems very difficult to do!! You were very lucky to go to the premiere of that film :)