Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Edit: The Title that I Forgot!

 I attempted to follow the suggestion of some of my commenters regarding the "Boring Beige" and decided to try it on with some accessories to brighten it up a bit. 

All I could find to try with it was this scarf!  If temperatures in future winters continue to go into minus double figures, as in the last 2 years, I can see me making a lot of use of BB.  Despite all its boring beige-ness - it is very warm and cosy! 

It's only a couple of weeks since we had the severe minus temperatures but you would never have thought it last weekend.  On Saturday afternoon we attended a 50th birthday party at the local hotel where we sat outside in the sun (some in T-shirts!!) then enjoyed a hot buffet and watched Wales play beat England in the Six Nations rugby on a big screen.  I took advantage of the lovely sunshine  later to get OH to take a pic of the "Grey Cowl" (with me in it).  It's a difficult colour to photograph but this is just about right with the little flecks of orange showing. This has been added to my intend-to-sell drawer - along with some cedarwood mothballs to prevent the little blighters chewing at the black thread that runs through it.

I have pairs of ankle and knee-length boots in both black and brown.  When I bought the knee-length black ones a few months ago I paid for good quality ones and vowed to make a concerted effort to keep them (and the rest of my shoes/clothes) well-maintained in order to get value, and produce less waste. I wear boots to work most of the time in the winter and with it being a construction site they can get quite muddy.  True to my vow, I dug out the polish and cleaned them up the other day, only for the bottom of the heel to fall off one of the ankle boots at a works Safety Stand Down Day on Monday!!!  I didn't notice until it was almost time to leave so there's a lonely black heel lying around somewhere at Cheltenham Racecourse.  The boots were nowhere near in need of reheeling but both will have to be done so they match!!

When I was at school I, and many school mates, would clean our shoes religiously every day after school ready to be smart again the following day.  These days it's not only school children that don't clean their shoes.  It doesn't seem to be frowned upon these days if shoes are dirty and scuffed.  I sometimes see women in high heels with the ends worn right down so the coloured covering splays out like a frill and the toes turn up.  As with clothes these days, footwear is often worn to death and replaced rather than looked after.
The last 2 photos show both sides of the first of 7 purses I've been asked to make.  Two more are under way but I don't expect to get the rest finished until I get back from next week's holiday. A group of 8 of us is off to the Alps in France. 

Progress since last time:

One commission purse finished and two more started. 

Bye for now
Teresa x


John'aLee said...

The last year we were in Utah we had 9 months of snow. I feel your pain. Both scarves look great.
Shine my shoes? Girl you are better than me!! Have a wonderful day.

wayside wanderer said...

I think the scarves perk things up a bit. I desperately need a new pair of black boots. Mine finally bit the dust. They really make a difference on cold days, and I am sure that compared to you I don't know what cold is. I'm also convinced that Anna's stable boots will last longer if she cleans and cares for them better. I've been talking about it but have yet to see her DO anything about it. Note to self: make sure she follows through.

I hope you have a great vacay and I am trying not to be jealous (it isn't working very well, though).

Hugs from TX,

Highland Monkey's said...

Lovely little purses those animals are nice and cheery. Beige doesn't have to be boring, I would choose a contrast scarf/beads to brighten it up.

Linnhe Mara said...

I will take polishing shoes over doing the ironing any day!
Like you it was a chore I took over when I was old enough to do it to my mothers satisfaction and still find it oddly relaxing.
My boys have also taken to it, quite fortunate really since I was unaware that it was possible to scuff shoes so badly in the space of 7 hours. Must be a boy talent.

The purse looks great :o)

Little Green Doll said...

Both scarves are very nice! I love the fabrics of the purse, it's so cute :) Have a nice weekend!!

elizabethm said...

I love your cowl further down! I have had a bit of a run on making cowls and now have four so might have to slow down. They are a very satisfying project to do.