Monday, 2 July 2012

How Late is Late?

I got up 10 minutes late this morning. Not a momentus occurance I know, but my morning routine is so finely tuned that 10 minutes can make all the difference.  But to be more accurate (seeing as I get up 10 minutes late most days), I got up 10 minutes later than usual but 20 minutes later than I should.

Bran flakes with chopped apple. Mint tea (mint from the garden because I ran out of tea bags - should be the other way around I know!). Also in the pic -  a piece of birthday cake that I ate later, from a colleague)
 The result of this on a 'normal' day is that I'm always 10 minutes late for work.  I was still 'only' 10 minutes late today though because I took my breakfast to eat there instead of at home.  Lots of my work colleagues eat breakfast at work (they stay away from home during the week and start work at 7am).  I don't feel justified in doing this regularly (my start time is 8.30am) but I found that eating breakfast later today I didn't get hungry mid-morning. 

Comtemporary arrangement called 'Reflection'
 One of the churches in our local group had a flower festival over the weekend.  It's a small church and they'd put flowers in every place imaginable but, although the style was quite comtemporary, the subdued colour theme ensured it was in-keeping with the church building and didn't overwhelm it.

The Last Supper
I took a photo of the lovely tiled floor around the altar to keep as inspiration when quilting.

I was hoping to finish bag no 2 but here's another little peak instead.
Progress since last time:

Bag no 2 - nearly finished
Baby booties - started knitting a pair to try out a pattern.

Next project will be a little zipped purse for myself for when I need to take a little money but don't want to take my whole purse full of cards, stamps, receipts and whatnot.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Little Green Doll said...

Hi Teresa! Beautiful flower decoration!! That floor is lovely, really inspiring. Your first bag is very beautiful! This second one looks great too! Have a nice week! Silvia

wayside wanderer said...

What a yummy looking breakfast. I'm hungry and I think that looks really good. I like the tile, too, and immediately thought it looked like one of your quilts, and colors you like. I really like the unusual flowers, too. People amaze me with what they think of. Being late always throws me in a dither. 10 minutes would be more like 20 just because I would be flustered. I don't do anything fast.

Highland Monkey's said...

Gotta have a cuppa tea in the morning before I even open my eyes!
Your bag looks interesting look forward to seeing it made up.