Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Best-Laid Plans............!!

 You know how it is with blogging; if normal routine is disrupted, the first thing to suffer is the blog.  And normal routine has certainly been disrupted here lately.  But before all that:

We went to the local annual raft race a couple of weeks ago.  This is OH and friends' Olympic Games themed raft with the 'torch' on the front.  DD and I went to a wedding fayre after they'd set off and hoped to be back to see them finish but, the river was higher than usual after the recent heavy rain and they finished in almost half  their previous time, so we missed it.

 The following weekend was the last of the local agricultural shows.  Our way around the show was blocked for a few minutes to let the winning animals into the ring for their parade.  It was a lovely day where once again we bumped into many friends, spoiled only slightly by a strange sore area below my right knee.

A rose in the garden during one of the many sunny spells we've had since September started (typical!)
 My leg soreness turned out to be a bacterial infection which (according to the out-of-hours emergency GP) needed antibiotics, but the pharmacist gave me half the correct dose tablets and I was taking them for nearly 2 days before I saw my own GP.
(An old metal sign and glass bottles OH found in an old building on the estate where he works  - I've suggested the sign would look good on the side of my shed)
 To cut a long story short, I am now on 2 different lots of antibiotics and having my leg dressed every day.  I was off sick for the whole of my last week at work leading up to my redundancy and missed a last night out with the 'girls' at work!  It was strange not being able to say goodbye to everyone properly but there are a few I will stay in touch with and a couple I will meet occasionally. I also missed choir practice and a music group rehearsal.

 While I was supposed to be resting with my leg up it was difficult to resist the urge to sew when sitting feet from it, which was irritating because I felt fine in myself. Unable to do much, I managed about half an hour a day and eventually got my Bee quilt blocks sashed.  I want to make it bigger than this so will need to think about what to do with it next.

In case you're worried about me being so near to my sewing machine for days on end without being able to do much - fear not - because it gave me the opportunity to get on with hand-sewing the hexagons that, luckily, I prepared recently.

So, what happens now?  I'm a 'lady of leisure' until I decide what to do next.  My leg is healing, so I should be back to normal soon.  This means there SHOULD be more stitching to show around here soon.

Oh...... and I'm looking forward to watching The Pillars of the Earth re-run on TV starting in about 20 minutes.  This time (Leslie) I won't miss the last episode!!!!

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

I am really sorry to hear about your leg. That sounds awful. What causes such a thing? I've been on antibiotics, too, and steriods, for a tooth I had root canaled back in June. I took meds then, too, but I guess they did not do the trick and the tooth has hurt ever since then.

I'm thinking I forgot to watch Pillars of the Earth. Did I or didn't I? Why can't I remember? Sometimes when I read a book the images are so vivid in my mind I don't know if it was a movie or just my imagination. I need to see if it is on here. Is it? Hmmm...

Lovely quilts but a bummer of a way to get to work on them. HOpe you enjoy your time off and yes that sign needs to go on your shed. I love it.

Linnhe Mara said...

Oh dear Teresa, so sorry to hear about your leg. I hope its on the mend. Just be careful not to over do things as it begins to heal.

Such a pity that you missed your leaving do, must make it all feel slightly unfinished somehow.

I'm loving your quilts, and feeling slightly guilty. I'm never that productive - even when not recuperating!

Take care

hausfrau said...

Hope the leg gets better soon. The quilts look great, one of the crafty things I've failed to learn to do properly.

Andrea said...

Hope you're feeling better now - what a nuisance. Hurray for hexies xx

Highland Monkey's said...

What a lovely quilt. I think you have matched the colours up lovely and all re-cycled, brilliant. The hexies are coming along. Sorry about your leg and I do hope you will be able to get around very soon.