Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New Beginnings!

This photo is taken from near the edge of our garden, which is on the opposite side of the road from our house. That's our house behind the bushes - the cream one with the roof lights. The house is about a foot lower than the road level, down a couple of steps; the garden is long and narrow and is a few feet above road level.

This view is from the top of the veg plot, with a couple of metres more of lawn and trees behind me. We've had a good supply of strawberries, lettuce and rhubarb so far this year and the rest is well on the way. Sadly, it now looks very likely that this is the last year we will be able to 'grow our own' here.

My shed will also have to move elsewhere - probably at the back of the house. However, the reason for all this upheaval (as per my big hints of a few posts ago) is a good one. Our son has, as of yesterday, obtained planning permission to build a house here! In an ideal world we would not have to make use of our garden this way, but with house prices in our area being so high, it is the only way he can afford to have his own place and stay in the village.

In crafty news, I seem to be starting too many longer term projects when I should be making quick, smaller items to build up some stock. Here's my latest bag creation, made from chopped up jeans and furnishing fabric scraps. I've also finished off a project for a friend and made a few more phone covers (photos next time).

I dug out some Christmas fabric to get ahead of myself for future stalls and have started on some lavender bag sets. I can hardly believe it, but I bought a Christmas present the other day (in July!). It's never been heard of before, but I saw the perfect thing and thought I might as well get it.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Scarlet said...

How exciting! Great news that planning permission has been granted.
I shall be thinking about Christmas soon - I just have to make the new soft furnishings for KL's bedroom revamp first!

Marivel said...

Wow, your garden looks wonderful.Your pics say it all.
Your bag is really cute.
I hope you have good sales.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

These are good news for your son! It's a pity for your garden, but I understand the situation, in Spain prices are also really high.

Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

Oh wow, that is big and exciting news! I think it is wonderful that your son wants to stay in your village AND live so close. I am not sure how it is there but these days the city lures young people and you can read many articles about the old way of life on farms and such going by the wayside because young people do not want to live and work like that anymore. It is sad. Your yard has so many beautiful shades of green. So, when he builds are there codes or restrictions on what it needs to look like to fit in with the village?