Friday, 7 November 2014

November Update!

This is not the sort of beautiful garden photo you normally see on blog posts, admittedly. But this is my 'before' picture: before the builders moved in (and after it was cleared of plants, rocks and my shed). This was a couple of weeks ago, and it already looks very different again. Basically, it is now a giant mud hole.

Despite all the chaos that is going on outside, I have been getting on with some crafting. After the successful sale of my previous larger, quilted, zippy bag I have made a few more. I had fun making these - all very different - which is what I like to do. I couldn't bare to make dozens of things all the same.

I thought I ought to get into the swing of things and make a few Christmas themed things. The purse is upcycled from a tea cosy I made before but never used. The 2 bundles are sets of 4 coasters.

Oh, and what's this?  I do believe those bags are mine - in a real bricks-and-mortar shop!!!! It's actually a small flower shop that has opened the upper floor as a Vintage and Craft Emporium, and the owner thought my crafts fitted with the style she was aiming for. A lovely Facebook friend alerted me to the request for local craftspeople, and the rest is history.

I hope all of you, my fellow bloggers, are well. I've been keeping up with blog reading but have missed a couple of you lately that I like to follow. I can't complain, though, because I am finding it more difficult, these days, to make time to blog myself.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Scarlet said...

Your things are beautiful Teresa, and they deserve to be in a bricks and mortar shop. I'm sure they'll sell really well.

Kath said...

lot's of lovely things Teresa, I love the idea of a parcel of Christmas coasters.

Leslie said...

I am so excited to see your purses in a shop! And they look like they belong totally. Such cute things.

So I thought of you as I was flipping through netflix shows. I landed on one that the story line wasn't really speaking to me (I have one eye on tv the other on the yearbook I putting together for our co-op) but the scenery was breathtaking and I did a little research to discover the scenery is Wales. Have you heard of Hinterland? I want to watch for the scenery alone.