Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Corner to Corner Crochet!

Good afternoon all!!
I showed a glimpse a couple of posts back of a denim project in progress. Did you guess what it was?It was a cushion cover made from recycled jeans of all shades of denim. After adding a single line of red machine embroidery I decided to stop there and keep it simple.

As I was on the denim theme, next came a couple of zipped bags. One sold at a local event but I have this one for sale in my Folksy shop, which I'm trying to get stocked when I have the time.

I've abandoned the denim, for now, because I've discovered a new addiction in Corner to Corner crochet (as I mentioned last time). This youtube tutorial  will show you the basics (I couldn't find the tutorial I used - she was Australian, had a soothing voice and used UK terms).

This blanket was the result of  my first go at C2C. The centre panel was a poncho from M&S that I bought from a charity shop and disassembled. I wanted it to be a little bigger, so added a border in sage green.

Being someone who always has to try something new, I next ventured into stripes of C2C crochet. This one is still in progress, but I already have an urge to try one with motifs or pictures. For this one, I used a few balls of DK I got from ebay in a couple of lots that happened to go together. The tricky part is working out the biggest size I can make, without running out of any of the colours. It may mean a bit of juggling and improvising - but, still, I don't like things to be too symmetrical and even!!

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Marivel said...

Hello,my friend, everything is beautiful.
Great work.