Saturday, 18 August 2018

More Memory Bears!

When looking back for photos of memory bears that I have made this year so far, I was surprised to find there were only two orders, because it felt like many more. I suppose the fact that there are 8 bears in total between the 2 orders would be the reason it felt like that!

 Both of the orders were made from the shirts of a much-loved male family member but were different in every other way. The 3 bears above are almost identical, but with the shirt fabrics mixed up on each bear. If you look closely, you will see that the only difference is in the ears, which is purely so the owner of each bear can recognise their own, and was my suggestion.

Then came the mega order! Luckily, the customer wanted each bear in the same fabric, which took away some of the decision making for me. Part way though making these, I received a further request that each bear has a bow tie. At that point, there was a hiatus in the making as I awaited a further order of stuffing (these bears took A LOT of stuffing) so, during the wait, I made the ties and the drawstring protecting bags I put them in. I have one more bear order waiting that is not needed until December. It is for 2 bears made from curtains)

On the subject of memory items, I also offer the option to make cushions. Apart from my sample cushion, this is the only one I've made so far. It's from festival t-shirts promoting our local music festival. I have another order for one of these waiting in the wings.

Making this cushion gave me an idea. I have quite a few t-shirts from my running days, with logos from the various races I took part it. I dug them out the other day, and one day I will get around to making a quilt out of them, because I'm not going to wear them again, for running or otherwise!

Bye for now
Teresa x

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