Monday, 11 May 2009


It was lovely and sunny on the weekend so I took the opportunity to take a few photos in the sun. This is our house taken from our garden which is on the opposite side of the road and about 5' above the road level. It's a very small house but not as small as it looks here. There's an extension behind the holly tree which we added, along with practically rebuilding it, about 16 years ago. The porch was added last year. The original tiny main part of the house is where my father was born and brought up with 4 brothers and 1 sister. I don't know how my grandparents did it!

This view (above and below) is looking down the lane from the porch. On the other side of the road is next door's garden (through the white gate) in a similar arrangement to ours. I like the look of the gardens at this time of year with all the different greens starting to fill out.

Here is the latest progress on my sample quilt with 2 Grandmother's Fans partially done. I still haven't finished quilting last months blocks but once I've got a new design I have to abandon the previous one and start the new one. Any further work on the abandoned blocks only gets done when I have one of these ready for club, therefore my pile of unfinished blocks is increasing all the time.

Over the weekend I also managed to do a bit more knitting on the 'Sack Boy' (see previous post) and now have only the arms to finish before sewing up. I looked up the pattern and found it again. It seems it's from a game called Little Big Planet and came from The Sun. I don't know if this will work, but hopefully this is a link to the Sackboy. I think I'm asking for trouble by showing what it's supposed to look like. Wait until I show my effort!!
Until the next time.
Bye for now.
Teresa x

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