Friday, 8 May 2009


This post is about my current Works in Progress as opposed to the Unfinished Projects I have lying around and tucked away, which I haven't even looked at in years. I took a couple of quick (poor) photos this morning of these on-going projects. Here are a few more blocks for my sample quilt. I was trying to go for rustic, muted colours but yellow and orange seem to be creeping in quite a bit. I've also got 5 blocks already quilted, 4 waiting for a border and 2 cut out to be sewn. That should make approx. 15 altogether. I'm not sure how many more I need.

This is the current progress on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I'm continuing with the light blue around all the 'flowers' and the darker blue in the background will surround them all in some way. I haven't decided yet whether to leave it simple and just do a single border or to try a bit of variation. I've printed some hexagon paper I found on the Internet and will colour a couple of options to get some idea of what it would look like.
I bought/won some ready-cut vintage hexagons and squares on eBay which came yesterday. There are many different patterns so they will go towards making more of the flowers and also keeps to my effort to use vintage/used fabric as far as possible.
Yesterday I gave my mother some hand-made, natural soap, a loofah and 2 hand-knitted (by me), cotton face cloths for her birthday. I got the pattern from Homespun Living (see my blog role) so thanks to Deb. Then I started knitting a 'Sack Boy' from a pattern I printed from a newspaper's website. This is a request from my sister for her son's birthday on 1st June. Apparently it's a character in a computer game but I don't know anything about that, so whether it looks anything like it should when it's done is any body's guess!! I'll try to get some pictures if I can.
Bye for now.
Teresa x

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