Friday, 5 June 2009

Another Cushion and a "Sack Boy"

Since I haven't made enough progress on my quilts to be worth showing, here are a couple of views of a cushion I made for my 2nd sister last year. It's made from 4" patches I bought from ebay and the border/binding are also thrifted supplies. The back is envelope style with a 3 button fastening. (Note to self - must remember to take photos of back views too!)

I managed to finish the Sack Boy in time for my nephew's birthday and he was very pleased with it. I was relieved that he and his friends recognised it straight away and thought it was 'cool', because, although I had a pattern to follow, I'd never seen this character before.

Getting it to stand up was a bit tricky with him being so top heavy.

My plan now is to make drawstring toilet bags for a couple more birthdays coming up. Looking at the next few days though, I can't see when I'm going to have the time and the first one needs to be ready for the 10th.
My monthly quilting club day is tomorrow followed by a church BBQ. Hopefully, we will also fit in a run in the morning. We went for a run yesterday evening which is the first time we've managed to fit 2 into a week. We must make more effort to keep it up because I'm doing the Race for Life at the end of the month and want to try and beat my best time which is 32 mins.
Bye for now
Teresa x

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