Monday, 29 June 2009

Five Unimportant Things I love

MakingGoodUse wrote a post the other day called Six Unimportant Things I Love and invited readers to take part so I thought it might be fun to give it a go, although I'm afraid I could only think of 5 things and I'm not so sure that these are unimportant enough. So, in no particular order, as they say on TV (when they have really been chosen in order to have most impact) here they are:

1. Piles of Novels. I love books and to see piles of them reminds me of how much pleasure I've had and that there is yet to come from reading them. I've read most of the ones in this photo but am reluctant to get rid of a book that I have enjoyed. I am determined though to start listing the books I'm unlikely to read again and try to sell them. My main pile of unread books is on the floor but I didn't take a picture of that because of the mess that surrounds it!

2. Piles of Craft Books. These are about half of the crafting books I own. I love looking through them when they are new and then being able to dip into them for inspiration when I want ideas. (The cathedral window cushion at the top of the photo is one I made over 20 years ago.)

3. Magazines. There seems to be a theme developing here for reading material of one form or another. I've cut down on buying magazines in the last year or two but I do subscribe to Zest and occasionally buy Country Living. Zest covers such a wide range of issues and helps to keep me ispired in my effort to keep fit and healthy. CL has such beautiful photography and styling and I've recently been enjoying the series they've had about running your own business from home.

4. My Blueberry Bushes. Sorry it's not a very good photo but I haven't mastered the art of close-ups yet. I love blueberries so to avoid having to pay the expensive shop prices and throw away all the plastic containers they come in, I bought 3 bushes for the garden. They haven't produced much fruit in the previous 2 years but have plenty of green berries at the moment that will hopefully develop into tasty purple ones soon. In previous years the birds have got to the few berries we had before we could but we've got them covered this year to prevent that happening, so fingers crossed!

5. My Favourite Photo of my Children. This picture is about 18 years old but is still one of my favourites. We used to take the children to this bluebell wood every year at the same time and take photos when they were little. I love that she has her arm around his shoulders and they both look so natural. I'm not sure if you can see it, but he has a toy car in his hand - he hardly went anywhere without at least one.

Well, I enjoyed thinking about things that I love and choosing those pictures. I'll follow with a couple more that I took while practicing close-ups.

A delicious bowl of strawberris freshly picked from the garden.

A couple of plants in the sunshine. I don't know what the top one is called but the rose is called Carefree Days.
Bye for now
Teresa x

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