Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Time for Stitching?

I sometimes think my blog name should have a question mark after it, if not 2 or 3!! I love doing stitching of all kinds; knitting,crochet, machine and hand sewing, but only ever seem to find the odd half an hour or hour to do it and that's usually later in the evening when the light's not so good and I have to borrow my OH's glasses to thread the needles! But, saying all that, I don't always regret the things that take me away from stitching. Last weekend was a typical example. It was very busy but diverse and I enjoyed every minute of it. To top it all the weather was lovely.

On Saturday afternoon I went with my daughter and OH to Dumelm Mill for a mooch around. I bought a couple of bits and pieces incuding a pinking shears with the remainder of my birthday money from March (not an earthshattering event I know, but I very rarely go out just to browse for the sake of it).

The picture above is a singing group I belong to who performed the musical "The Witness" on Saturday evening. (I am in the middle with the black T-shirt). There IS an audience there despite the misleading photo. My dad took it and he's sitting in front of everyone. We've performed this once before and have dates for several more performances in churches around our area.

I also take singing lessons with a different group of people and we have a concert oranised for this Friday. I'm apprehensive about it because the arrangements aren't going very smoothly and I don't feel I know my songs well enough. We have one more lesson to practice tonight so we'll see how it goes.

I was hoping Sunday would be a little cooler because I'd entered the Race for Life in a nearby town. But no such luck, so the 2000 or so runners/walkers on the day competed in hot and humid conditions. Not that there was much competing going on; it was all for fun and charity. I managed to finish in 34 minutes which I was quite pleased about considering the conditions. My dad and my OH came with me for support and when the race was over we settled down for a very welcome picnic in the park where it was held before moving on to a Country Fair at Garn Lakes, where my daughter was helping to promote a local Community Farm with her boyfriend, who works there.
It was a lovely setting for an afternoon out. Luckily they had plenty of cover and shade for the animals they took with them. These were mainly rabbits and guinea pigs that the children could hold and learn about.
So all in all it was a memorable weekend and I was not sorry to have had no stitching time. If I had to spend a whole weekend doing chores and housework, then I would be sorry, very sorry!!!
Time to knucle down to a bit now though - and I have a block to quilt by hand for Saturday and want to make a present for a friend who's birthday is soon.
Bye for now
Teresa x

PS I don't know why my landscape photos are so dark. I thought I'd lightened them before I saved them and the weather was anything but dark.

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