Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Shed Has Arrived!!

I was excited on the way home from work yesterday because I knew that our new shed/summerhouse would have been delivered and I wasn't disappointed. It's a good size but not too overpowering which I was a bit concerned about. This is the view of it from our front door and below that the view from in the garden.

I'm looking forward to collecting all my sewing equipment and clutter from all the places it's currently piling up around the house and having it in one place. Before that though it needs to be stained on the outside to protect from the weather. Inside, we plan to clad the walls for insulation, line the ceiling between the beams and add a floor covering. I'll then make curtains and get some shelves put up. I'm considering 2-tier curtains as it might be useful to have them so that the top can be opened independently of the bottom.

Watch this space! But progress may be slow..............

Bye for now
Teresa x

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