Monday, 13 July 2009

Sewing and Singing

Another busy weekend has ended with more singing and sewing. I managed to finish this drawsting bag and pouch for a friend who's birthday was this week and who I met up with for a lovely meal out and a catch-up on Saturday evening. I just wish I could remember where I got the pattern from for the bag to credit them. The instructions for the little zipped pouch came from here. I modified it only a little, in that I took smaller triangles while shapng the corners so it was not so tall.

The singing this weekend took the form of a church service Sunday morning and another performance of The Witness at a church about 25 miles away. A few more dates are still to go but we've got a break now until September. Also taking a break for the summer are choir practice, singing lessons and ladies group so hopefully that will leave more time for sewing!

The meal I had out with my friend on Saturday was the second time in a week that I'd had a meal at the same place (my OH suggested we go there after our run/jog on Thursday and I'd already booked a table for Saturday). Our son came jogging with us and then to the meal along with our daughter and her OH, so it turned into a nice family occasion. I have a work meal out on Wednesday at a Thai restaurant and the last ladies group meeting before the break on Thursday which will be a BBQ. It sometimes happens like that and several functions crop up all at the same time!

I mentioned to my daugher a while ago that I forgot to photograph the bag I made for her to show here so she kindly took a photo and emailed it to me. The pattern is the same one I used for my own bag in a previous post but with less taken on the corners so it is not so boxy. She chose a couple of the fabrics and then I added to them with co-ordinating colours from my stash and patched it all together. It's basically a split 9 patch with extras added around the edge to make the full size.

When I made my list of aims for simple living, I also started a list of things I wanted to do. Not fancy or impossible-to-achieve things - just things I'd like to do one day, with a bit of thought and planning in some cases. I then immediately forgot about it until I checked the list so I think I'd better record it here too - to give me a bit of motivation.
- Visit Scotland
- Take a holiday in a Yurt
- Reduce the amount of hours I’m out at work.
- Sell my craft work
- Finish my quilts
- Run 5k in under 30 mins & 10k in under an hour
I was hoping to finish the Race for Life in under 30 mins this year but health issues slowed me down a bit so I was pleased with 34 mins. I've entered a 10k run for Sept so we must step up the training now.
In an update on "The Shed" - OH has begun painting the outside with a wood stain and cladding the inside with tongue and groove. More progress soon, hopefully with pictures!
Bye for now
Teresa x

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