Sunday, 19 July 2009

Weekend Walking in the Woods

We looked after my daughter's dogs again last weekend while she went to T4 on the beach in Western-Super-Mare with her boyfriend & my son. They had a fantastic time and, because they set off early and got there around 6am, they had a good position in the crowd not far from the stage catwalk. I don't know how they can bear being pushed and shoved and trodden on while standing up for hours on end in the middle of a 45,000 strong crowd, but we watched some of it on TV and everyone was having a brilliant time.

In complete contrast, my OH and I took their dogs to a place where there were no other people at all! We began taking a National Trust path through some woodland.................

...........then out into a wheat field................

........where the crop looked almost ready to harvest.
We walked around the wheat field and into a field of curious cattle. At this point, we put the dogs on their leads in case they decided to chase the cattle or vice versa. During a brief rain shower we sheltered under a large spreading tree with an audience. From here we had one more field to cross and we were back where we started. It was a lovely afternoon which, despite being a bit wet and windy, was warm and fresh. We live surrounded by some beautiful countryside but, not having dogs ourselves, tend not to go out amongst it 'just because'.... , so it's good to have these opportunities to appreciate our local area.

When we got home I spotted a couple of bags of fabric that I was given by a very generous lady at work so, as I had the camera still with me, I pulled it all out to see what there was and took a picture. There was a lovely variety of upholstery and curtain fabric which I started sorting and washing straight away ready to iron and tidy up.
There was a bit of a hiccough while washing the first load when the washing maching stopped and showed an error message on the screen, but we soon realised it was because there was a problem with the water pressure and by time we phoned the council it had already been fixed.
We're now starting to reap the benefits of planting the garden earlier in the year. Yesterday, we had some beetroot, carrots and runner beans. When they get to be too many to eat, I'll pickle the beetrot and freeze the beans. The carrots will keep well in a container of peat. It also won't be long before we have some tomatoes ready to eat so I'm looking forward to those.
Bye for now
Teresa x

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