Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fruits of Our Labours

I should really say "The Fruits of His Labours" because it is my OH who does most of the work in the garden. Well, his work is beginning to pay off because a steady crop is being harvested now. The blueberries aren't very prolific but there's usually enough every few days to add to a desert for the 2 of us (DS doesn't tend to eat deserts).

I've started pickling the beetroot to make sure that none goes to waste. This is my first jar this year and I've also done another one that's twice the size.

The runner beans are producing quite a good crop already, even though the plants don't seem to be fully mature yet! To make the most of the single day of good weather this week, I sat on a garden bench in the sun on Saturday cutting these up for the freezer.

The carrots are also a decent size now; here are a few that were pulled on Saturday to use over the weekend. The redcurrents are from my organic box delivery.

Progress of a different kind is also being made in the garden. My OH has almost finished lining the inside of the shed with tongue and groove and has added some decking at the front to make steps. He's also taken advantage of a couple of dry spells to stain some more of the outside. The colour he started with on the back and side was too orangey so he's continuing the rest with a lighter, more honey-like colour.

You might well wonder what I've been up to while all this hard work has been going on. Well, I've been quite busy but haven't got much to show for it. Isn't it always the same with housework. Apart from doing the beans and picklng the beetroot, I made some scones and did lots of cleaning, washing and sorting; all with one eye on my sewing projects.
I managed a bit of cutting out of "Rail Fence" blocks one evening and had an hour last night to make a tiny amount of progress on my hexagons. A couple of weeks ago I tried some paper foundation piecing for one of my on-going-quilt blocks so I'll try and get around to showing that soon.
Bye for now
Teresa x

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