Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Rest in Rhodes

Rhodes. Above is the entrance to the hotel which is just along the coast from Faliraki. It was lovely and clean with wonderful, tasty food and excellent, friendly staff. Although quite a large hotel with lots of guests there was no shortage of sunbeds or space to lounge.

The second evening saw the hot, sunny weather turn to drizzle and then later to a torrential thunder storm. It was quite spectacular sitting in the huge lounge area listening to a Beatles tribute band with the lightening flashing starkly behind them. Above is the sea the morning after the storm. It was very different from the tranquil blue of the rest of the week but the weather was still warm and we were able to get out for another beach walk.

We walked north along the beach path and coastal road ending up at a lovely little harbour for lunch. (Top picture)

When we got back to our room one afternoon, there was waiting for us this card and gateaux from the hotel which was a lovley surprise. The tour operator we booked with must have passed on that it was our 25th Anniversary. With all the scrumptious food in the hotel restaurant it took us 4 goes to finish this but it was delicious!!

One day we took a boat trip to Lindos and were whipped up terrifically by the wind on the 2 hour journey. I made a mental note to travel inside the boat on the way back! Lindos itself was well worth the trip and the sort of old, traditional place we like to visit with a maze of narrow, white streets where it's easy to get lost. We were well rewarded for the walk up the hill with the view of the harbour where our boat waited to take us back.

The Acropolis was busy but covered a much larger area than I realised. I was amazed at the some of the unsuitable outfits the tourists were wearing to climb around such a precarious ruin. Suffering from a slight case of vertigo (which I often get from flying), I was a bundle of nerves, especially on the steps and steep paths, but enjoyed the visit just the same.

Back in Lindos we enjoyed another lovely lunch at a roof-top restaurant from where we could see this lovely church roof and the view beyond.

We decided to visit Rhodes Old Town in the evening when it was cool enough to walk around comfortably. Beyond this entrance was a hive of activity. Many shops and restaurants all vying for our custom.
All in all we had a peaceful, relaxing time and I managed to read 2 books and 2 magazines. The vertigo from the return flight wore off in a few days and my black eye from the fall has almost gone!!
I haven't caught up on housework yet because I was back at work the day after we got back and then straight into singing at harvest festival services. We did 2 last weekend but I have my own Church's Harvest this Sunday and will stay for the lunch after.
On the stitching front, I started a little crochet project before I went away and hope to have something to show soon.
Bye for now
Teresa x