Monday, 28 September 2009

Sunny Saturday

As Saturday was such a lovely sunny day I had my camera close at hand for any opportunities that might arise.
It's surprising how long a spider's web will last if left undisturbed. They look so flimsy. This impressive specimen has been filling our window for a couple of weeks and I wondered how well it would photograph. Unfortuately Mr Spider was not in residence at the time.
I thought this random collection of items on a window-sill might make an unusual photo. It's just made up of odd items gathered on days out with the family. We've had some of them quite a while and while most of them are perfectly worthless I'm reluctant to throw them away. There are fossils and stones, coins and a Z shaped scrap of wood.
While I was outside later showing my father holiday photos on my camera we saw this hot air balloon fly over at quite a great height.............

..............followed not long after by this one.

The area where we live is quite popular for these flights to take off and land so we see them quite a lot. There have been more recently as the good weather conditions have been more suitable and I expect they have a back-log of bookings from the 'summer that never was'!
Back soon
Bye for now
Teresa x

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