Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Thread Shed & August Update

My OH hasn't really taken me seriously when I've mentioned that I plan to eventually start selling my homemade stitched products. He's rolled his eyes as I continue to accummulate piles of vintage, second-hand, thrifted and donated fabric and notions. However, when he saw the most recent zipped pouch I made he was quite impressed and suggested, with no prompting from me, that I get labels to identify my work. As it was something I'd been considering anyway, I ordered a small amount from Woven Labels UK to try.

I'm pleased with how they look; not too new and shiny, and a bit vintage to suit the sort of materials I want to use. The Thread Shed is what I've decided to call my garden shed where I'll do the sewing, when it's ready.

To change the subject somewhat - I recently took the plunge and listed some items on eBay to sell. I've bought/won many items over the last couple of years but been a bit apprehensive about selling. First, I had to get a new camera to take reasonable photos because I know it makes a big difference to selling success. The setting up of an account and getting used to what to do the first time also takes time and put me off getting started. But it's done now and I was quite satisfied with the outcome.

I listed 2 pairs of shoes, a set of tablemats and a book (see photos). People started 'watching' the shoes almost immediately and both pairs sold. Whoever bought them got bargains but I was pleased to get rid of them and to get a little profit in return. The tablemats also sold and winged their way to Austria. I wasn't happy with my description of the book , but couldn't think of how else to promote it. Consequently, it didn't even get any watchers. I'll probably list it again, once I've organised a few more things to join it.

August Simple Living Update
Getting rid of clutter was one of my downshifting aims listed on this post. I've made progress on the rest of the list too. The only item I've not managed to do anything about is visit the library. The spend recording list is progressing; food shopping costs are down 20 - 25% each week; garden produce has been used, preserved or given away (with a pot of jam and tray of homemade custard slices given in return - yummy!!); the £2 savings jar is filling up and I'm getting through my pile of unread books (just finished Tess of the D'Urbervilles and started Cold Mountain - going to take I Capture the Castle on holiday soon).
The few days away in Tavistock and buying a sewing machine bumped up the spending somewhat but a small amount of passive/non spending earnings was made including from ebay, various cashback cards and vouchers totalling £30. I haven't yet made anything to sell but have saved by giving homemade presents.

The weekends are normally quite busy for me but this one's going to be manic. It'll involve a church fete cake stall, singing practice, quilting club meeting, 10k run in Cardiff and a birthday.
Will need a holiday after that - Rhodes here we come!!
Bye for now
Teresa x

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