Monday, 5 October 2009

September Update & More Thrifty Luck

On, Saturday, one of the quilting club members brought in a bag of items from a friend of hers to sell for charity. I put in a donation and took 3 furnishing fabric samples, a ball of cotton yarn and a length of braid at least a metre long. The braid will become a handle or decoration for a bag and I'll make at least 2 dishcloths from the cotton yarn. My mother also recently gave me some old curtains which I've taken apart, washed and ironed to add to my stash.

I've just looked back at my August update post to remind myself of what I aimed to do. I've still not visited a library but the books I already have are more than enough to keep me occupied so until it becomes a reason to keep me from buying new books I don't think it's urgent.

As mentioned in my last post, I've sorted the ebay problem, so I can continue decluttering. The recent discovery of Music Magpie will also help with this.

Since our house is so small and the upstairs rooms take up alot of the roof space we have very little attic room. Therefore, the sort of things that people normally keep in their attic, we have to find room for in the house. At present, all that we keep in the attic are suitcases (with skiing gear inside) and boxes of Christmas decorations. Apparently there is a small amount of room at the back that could take a couple of boxes. Consequently, I plan to empty a couple of drawers/shelves, store the contents up there and find a better use for the space. Once I've done this and moved all my craft clutter out to the shed there will be a big improvement.

Grocery shopping costs are not decreasing, partly because my son is eating at home more regularly since he left his chefs job and went back to college, but they're not increasing either so in real terms I could say they've gone down!!

The garden produce is coming to an end so I may go back to ordering organic box deliveries soon. I picked the last of the tomatoes yesterday and the carrots/beetroot should all be raised and cooked or stored soon. My OH foraged some damsons with which I made 12 (very thick) jars of jam and froze a bag of whole fruit. Breakfast Bars and Apple Crumble were also made in September. My home baking efforts are still very sparse. That's not much to show for a month although I don't buy much convenience food and a lot of our meals are made from scratch.

All in all I don't feel as though I'm making much progress, mainly through lack of time. I've just convinced myself to miss my after-work activities this week (choir practice/singing lesson) to try and get on top of things in the house. Next weekend is already filling up so something's got to give or I'll never catch up.

I went into town this lunch time and bought a set of double-pointed knitting needles to try knitting in the round. I plan to make a couple of presents for Christmas and thought it would be easier to start something chunkier than to try socks first. I've also chosen the lining for the mystery crochet project too, so will hopefully have some progress to show on that soon.

Bye for now
Teresa x

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