Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Something's Gotta Give and Someone's Got a Great Giveaway!

Whilst having a blog-read earlier I read via sew create it about a fantastic Giveaway being run by Pumpkin Patch Primitive. The prize is very generous and the fabrics are lovely. I've entered a few giveaways in the past but not been lucky so far - fingers crossed for this one as I love the fabric colours (bright and bold are not usually my thing).

I would also like to have a giveaway myself sometime. It should be for a special occasion as others do, like a blogging anniversary or 100th post or something like that ( I think the anniverasary is likely to come before the 100th post at the rate I'm going! )

It seems to be the photo taking and uploading that delays my blogging so that's what I need to get more organised at. I'm hoping to get a little sewing and baking done this weekend so will show the results when I can. Will also be meeting up with a friend Saturday evening.

Over the last couple of days I made a big decision (for me). If our singing lessons continue, after the concert we will put on at Christmas, I am not going to continue with them (they were going to finish then anyway at one time but I'm not so sure now). I'm also going to give up being the leader of the local ladies group. In fact, I'm going to leave the committee altogether (after 20 years) and just be a regular member. I don't know when that will happen because we've just moved our AGM to the darker month of October (to keep the lighter months for more outdoor activities) but I don't intend to stay until then. I've only told my OH at the moment but I already feel quite relieved at the thought. I'd like to continue with the Community Choir if that takes off and I'm attending a meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss a Community Helpline that has floundered a little lately so something's gotta give!!

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