Monday, 2 November 2009

Giveaway (not mine), K-I-T-R & Custard Slice

There's a great giveaway going on at Block Party this week. On offer to those who blog, Twitter, Facebook etc and then leave a comment, is one of these fabulous piles of fabric. Getting people to spread the news like this is a great idea but, although I'm having a go, I hope I'm not disqualified for not having enough of an audience on this little blog.
These are the 2 piles on offer if you win.

I think I got the hang of this knitting-in-the-round business. I completed quite a bit more than this yesterday but I'm going to have to start again because it's too big. That's what comes of using British materials with an American pattern. However, I'm more confident about the actual method now and look forward to finishing at least one pair of these fingerless mitts by Christmas.
My auntie does wonderful baking and quite often leaves some custard slice or warm pie for us by our front door. I decided to show her latest offering on one of a pair of plates that I bought at a charity shop on the weekend for £1.
I'm off now to leave a comment on the Block Party Giveaway (which closes on 9 Nov).
Bye for now
Teresa x

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