Monday, 2 November 2009

How Can Two Days be So Different

(The berries on our Holly Tree)

(A flower in the warm morning sunshine covered in the night's rain)
(A Grasshopper that jumped off my washing as I gathered it in )

(The top of my auntie's Holly Tree with all it's red berries)
My goodness!..........There couldn't have been more of a difference between 2 consecutive days than there was on the weekend. Saturday was warm and sunny right from the start with no hint of autumn apart from the colours of the trees. I had a lovely day out shopping and lunching with a friend and spent most of it in a t-shirt. We also popped into a new cafe in town mid-afternoon for hot chocolate and.....ahem, cakes. I don't normally have hot chocolate (or cake) but it sounded like such a treat I thought I'd indulge, but it was much too sweet when drunk with a big, choc and nut filled pastry. I really should have declined the cake altogether seeing as I had a Ball to go to that evening with a four course dinner!! It was just unfortunate they had both fallen on the same day. I coped manfully with the dinner in the evening but had to pass on the cheese and biscuits and couldn't face the after-dinner mints at all. Then to cap it all, I couldn't even burn the calories off as the music wasn't suitable for dancing.
Sunday was (as they say in the merry old land of Oz) a horse of a different colour. The wind was as strong as I've seen it in a long time and made all the more dramatic by the leaves being blown horizontally past the windows. Combined with the rain it was very much staying-in-weather. I first noticed it before I got up, by a strange noise that I can only describe as.........ANNOYING!! I thought my OH was thumping away at some DIY project but, on getting up ready to 'have words', discovered it was the cowl on the chimney being spun round at such a speed we thought it was going to take off.
I took advantage of the sun to take a few photos on Saturday (see top). If you click on them they should enlarge and they look quite nice, if I do say so myself. On Sunday I didn't bother getting the camera out!!
Bye for now
Teresa x

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