Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Shopping - Crochet Project Update

It's been a while since I showed the beginnings of my crochet project so I thought I'd better show the progress, because there has been some progress, honestly! The only change I made to the pattern was to make the handles a bit wider because I didn't want them to stretch. That's also part of the reason for lining it, to make it more stable, and so I don't have to sew in all the ends (they'll be hidden in the middle!). The lining's cut out and partly pinned but I'm sort of winging it so who know what the result will be.
My second attempt at knitting-in-the-round went a bit better yesterday. I decided to simplify the pattern and leave out the cables (mustn't try to run before I can walk!). I may still be doing it wrong though because it seems to me that, when I get to the stocking stitch part after the ribbing, the knitting will be inside-out!! As least, that's how it looks to me at the moment. Maybe my left-handed brain is getting the better of my right-handed knitting. If it all goes wrong I'll take it along to my next quilting day and ask one of the members who's been knitting socks since she was a child for help.-
Bye for now
Teresa x


Andrea said...

Your bag is lovely - very designer-looking. I tend to knit my socks inside out - the same as I can only follow a cross-stitch chart upside down - lol !!

Lucy said...

i love the spring theme too. so very pretty.
the crochet bag is great.