Friday, 20 November 2009

Nothing Nasty on a Thursday Evening

This is what we had for dinner last night. Chicken/quorn curry. As I'm a veggie and the rest of the family are not, this is my usual system for preparing this sort of meal. Exactly the same ingredients in each pan, with chicken in the larger one and quorn pieces in the other. This picture shows the last of the ingredients just before stirring in. I had plenty of time to make this from scratch by my usual method of throwing in anything I can find lying around. In this case, onions, chicken/quorn, left-over tinned tomatoes, cumin, garam masala, carrots, frozen peas and spinach, sultanas and a chopped apple.

Later on it was off to my monthly Ladies Group meeting where, during my pre-ramble I informed them I'd be standing down from leading the group. This will free up a small amount of time but the main benefit will be one less thing to think about or plan for.
Our speaker for the evening was the lovely Elin from Nothing Nasty who makes 100% pure 'natural aromatherapy beauty and skincare products'. The products are sold in glass bottles which can be returned for refill at a 20% discount. This particularly interested me because even many organic and natural products come in plastic tubes which cannot be recycled easily if at all. Elin didn't promote her products as much as inform us about looking after our skin in general and the effects of a healthy, more natural lifestyle on the condiditon of our skin. The evening went well and we had a good turnout of members despite the wild and wet weather putting on its own performance outside.
At the end of the evening Elin asked for volunteers to test a new product (a night moisturiser) she was developing (see above). Those who agreed gave their details and will be contacted for feedback in a while. I also ordered some Organic Rosemary Castile Soap to try on my hair as shampoo is the product I've had the most trouble finding a natural form of that isn't an exhorbitant price and packed in plastic.

Talking of natural products packed in plastic, here's a hand and body lotion I received in the post the other day. It was offered free in a magazine when sending back a coupon and is apparently worth £8.00.
I'm looking forward to a not-so-busy time this weekend so hopefully some stitching progress of some sort to show soon.
Bye for now
Teresa x

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