Friday, 27 November 2009

Yippeeeeee.....We Can Now Recycle Plastic

(Photo of a moody sky taken from my office window. Surprisingly it didn't come to rain from this cloud! I thought the 3 different trees made a great contrast.)
I am so pleased because our council is starting a new recycling scheme next week, which means we can now recycle plastic along with all the other things we collect. I used to take plastic milk cartons and bottles to the recycling centre but other plastic like yogurt/margarine containers etc went in the general rubbish for landfill. I collected a couple of bags full in the hope that I could find somewhere that would recycle it and I got to hate putting anything plastic in the bin, so I'm really excited about this. There was some local opposition to the scheme because it means putting things like tins, plastic and glass altogether in a purple bag and some people think it won't be sorted and recycled properly. I hope this isn't the case!! All paper, thin card, junk mail etc goes into the red bag. Another advantage will be that I won't have piles and collections of different items all over the kitchen and back yard. Just 3 bins - one for the red bag, one for the purple and a green kitchen waste bin. I'm looking forward to getting it sorted out and having a more streamlined system.
I thought, in the absence of any stitching progress around here, I'd show my first solo patchwork/applique project. It's a Christmas placemat, coaster and napkin set that I made for a Christmas Challenge at my montly quilting group last year. I didn't win the challenge (obviously!) but I was quite pleased with the outcome. We were given a small piece of fabric to incorporate into the project and I think mine was the red with snowflakes on.
This tea cosy was made just before the table set as my first practice piece. It's foundation pieced by machine and the fabrics all came from the tutor's scrap bag. Only problem is, it's too small for any of my tea pots :-( so it's never been used!
Bye for now
Teresa x


Elizabeth said...

Our council does mixed recycling too - paper, card, tins, plastics in one sack. Glass goes separately in a huge orange box (takes me months to fill mine.) I've had some reservations about the mixed recycling all ending up in landfill etc etc but, so far, it seems to work well.

When I'm visiting my Mum, I now find it very odd to put plastic containers in the bin (her council doesn't collect plastics.)

Lovely tea cosy BTW.

Caroline said...

Envious about your plastic recycling, we have lots of plastic around the house that my husband takes to a recycling centre in a different area (long way!!). Encouraged by your patchworking - I've loved sewing for many years and am just beginning to get over my fear of patchworking!!

A Time for Stitching said...

Hi Caroline, Thanks for commenting. I tried to reply directly but was unable to. Those of us with facilities take it for granted when there are people like you making so much more effort to recycle.

I've only been patchworking for a short time but it seems to me the key is preparation in cutting and measuring. Teresa x