Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Kitchen Capers

I bought some cream solely for the purpose of trying out Rhonda's method for making butter on her down to earth blog. I hadn't got around to it, but then I was inspired and reminded of it after watching butter-making the tradtional way on The Victorian Farm. By then the cream was 4 days out-of-date but I opened it and sniffed and it was fine. And this is the result!! I am very pleased with how it turned out and it was so easy to do. I added a little sea salt and it was just right. According to The Victorian Farm I would have made a good dairymaid seeing as I normally have such cold hands. It means the butter didn't melt if they touched it, I don't think the cows would have been very happy about the cold hands though!

When I first married I wasn't a bad cook but could never get the hang of Yorkshire Pudding. If we had roast beef on a Sunday, I would valiantly attempt to make some and it would invariably turn out flat and crunchy. I tried all sorts of recipes and tips but nothing seemed to help so I eventually gave in and resorted to Aunt Bessies (the uncooked batter ones, not the ready made) and sometimes even these were unsuccessful! I had no trouble with Toad-in-the-Hole which is weird as it's essentially the same thing.

The last couple of times we had beef, I decided to give it another go and, even though I used a recipe I've used before, I've had much better success for some reason. This week I was very pleased with the outcome.

Here they are with the dinner. Beef on the left for OH, quorn on the right for me.

I dashed into Morrisons this lunch break to claim my £25 voucher for spending over £40 on 5 out of the last 6 weeks in their store. I also quickly ran around the aisles with a trolley and picked up a lot of the little Christmas extras we ususally buy including a few extras for my brother and his family who are coming over from Belgium. I did rough calculations as I went and manged to get to £48, so was able to get the £25 off. As I won't be in this area again within the time limit of the voucher I was quite pleased I managed to find the time to do this because £25 off is well worth having!!
Oh, I nearly forgot. I've won a little competiton so will show it here when it arrives.
Bye for now
Teresa x

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Little Green Doll said...

Congratulations! They really look so tasty!! mmmmm! I'm sure OH really enjoyed it! I've never eaten quorn, but your dinner also looks great!!