Monday, 14 December 2009

Is it a Shed or is it a Sauna?

An exciting development on The Shed Project is that the wood burner was lit for the first time on the weekend!! My OH spent Saturday afternoon working to complete the chimney and when he came to tell me the fire was lit I rushed over to see. It looked very 'Scandinavian' to have the fire burning away merrily in the wooden surroundings. My OH checked on the fire at intervals and informed me that the temperature had risen to 85 degrees F at one point, so the Scandinavian theme continued in that it was more like a sauna than a shed! It even smelled like a sauna!! I'll have to learn how to contol the temperature somehow. Unfortunately, in my haste to go and look I didn't think to take my camera (and was too lazy to go back and get it) so you'll have to make do with photos from Sunday when I risked life and limb climbing over the garden gate in a skirt and wedges to get these (it's kept locked a lot of the time and I can never find the key!!) when it brightened up a bit.

It's only little but it's mighty powerful

The view from in front of the stove. Junk (working materials) that needs to be cleared out then all that's left is to paint the walls and get a floor covering.

I said I would give my opinion of this book when I finished it. I have to say I found it very confusing. There were times when I agreed wholeheartedly with the views and sentiments and times when I couldn't have disagreed more. Some sentences were so sweeping and final and WRONG that they didn't seem to fit with the rest of the book. I nearly gave up after a couple of chapters but ploughed on and the annoying bits became less frequent. I agree with the general sentiments of the book but Tom Hodgkinson's attitude was irritating and if he was trying to be 'tougue-in-cheek' at times it didn't come across very well. It's all very well trying to live a life free from 'the system' but sometimes his methods didn't show respect for other people and being 'free' doesn't mean being rude or breaking the law.
One Carol Service down, 3 more to go, plus 2 other services and one concert before Christmas, so plenty of singing still look forward to. Also, one and half more gifts to stitch and more gifts to cook/bake, decorations to put up and friends to meet up with. How long have I got?
Bye for now
Teresa x


apieceofwood said...

Can I live in your shed??

Glad you found the book as I did... was very frustrating!

A Time for Stitching said...

APOW - I'm sure there'll be enough room for 2, I hope you like to be warm (very warm). In fact we'll probably have a shed warming party when it's finished he he. T x

Tracey said...

Oh gosh .. why haven't I thought about a log burner for my sewing shed before? I have electric heaters and they cost a fortune.

I really like its little corner plinth looks really good !

A Time for Stitching said...

If you get one Tracey get the smallest you can find or you'll melt in there. We're lucky in that we get the wood for free because my husband works in forestry. :-)